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"Thanks for a great product. When I was considering something besides a typical wallet, I began searching the web for money clips. I wanted a little more storage than what I was finding in 'money clips' and fancy named minature wallets. I also was wanting something other than a metal clip for bills. That was about the time I ran across your web site. Your DeepPocket product seemed to have all the features I was looking for in one package.

After using it, I'll never go back to a typical wallet. I can carry all my most commonly used credit cards and my operator license in an easy to retrieve position, those not so often used cards in a secure compartment, and a small fortune ($15 bucks or so) in bills under the clip for easy view and retrieval. It's great. I'm glad it is patented so the copycats can't steal such an idea and benefit from someone else's design."

-- Brian, WV

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